Building a Backyard Pool

As the hot days of summer head our way, many of us dream about lounging in a nice, relaxing swimming pool. What if you had this paradise in the privacy of your own backyard? A pool serves as entertainment you can enjoy for much of the year in Texas, turning your backyard into a nice space to host a party or gathering. It allows you to get some unconventional exercise and keeps your kids from growing bored when school’s out. However, building a pool is a big decision that requires a lot of planning to ensure you do it right. That’s where Arthur Surveying comes in. We have the experience in residential surveying to help your project be a success from beginning to end.

Let the Experts Lead

Start by deciding what type of pool you want. A concrete in-ground pool is the most popular and most customizable, largely because it is the most durable type of pool. It can be remodeled or upgraded and will last for years to come. This type of pool is especially appealing because you can customize the shape to fit your yard and aesthetic. Many people are building pools with a kidney shape rather than rectangular shape to maximize space. Concrete pools take about three to twelve weeks to build.

Once you decide what type of pool you’re building, you’ll need to apply for building and zoning permits. This is where Arthur Surveying can help. Aside from city and local regulations, there are other considerations to make when deciding on pool placement. You’ll want to think about where the sun will hit. Having a pool exposed to sunlight means you’ll save on heating costs. Keeping the pool away from electrical poles and trees will also help with debris from leaves falling in and making it harder to clean. Finally, having the pool in an area exposed to heavy breezes will cause the water to evaporate more quickly, which will end up costing you more.

A residential survey helps ensure your pool will have a proper foundation and identifies any possible impediments to your pool building, such as utility lines.

Ready to Take Shape

Once you get all the planning out of the way, you’re ready for the fun part: starting construction and watching it all come together. There will still be more decisions to make, such as what type of tile and decorative touches you’re adding, as well as what type of filtration system you’ll be using. And don’t forget about the other external things that will make the area complete, such as walkways, fences, landscaping, and furniture/accessories. Arthur Surveying has extensive experience helping homeowners with fencing, so we can assist with this as well.

The last step to building a backyard pool is to relax and enjoy it! You have added value to your home and built something you’ll be able to enjoy for many years. For help with residential surveying in Dallas or Houston, reach out to Arthur Surveying today!