4 Quick Survey Tips For First Time Home Buyers

As a homebuyer, it is important to understand why it is necessary to have a current and accurate survey.

What is a land survey?

A land survey is a legal documentation displaying precise property boundary lines which show the location of a house and other structures.

Here are 4 quick reasons why it is important to have a survey as a homebuyer.

1. Determine Property Boundaries

Boundary lines have been created to ensure that land is clearly defined to each property owner. Understanding the location of these boundary lines is fundamental to building a fence, extending a room, even adding a pool.

2. Resolve Neighbor Disputes

Obtaining a survey is the best way to legally determine whether a fence, shed, driveway or deck is encroaching on your property.

Many of times it is found that neighbors are operating on mistaken judgments of the placement lines that lead to legal disputes which can result in unnecessary expenses.

To simply prevent such events from occurring obtain a boundary survey with a trusted surveying company.

3. Identify Regulations On Your Property

New guidelines and regulations commonly arise for a neighborhood which can prevent your ability to build on the property.

For example, the city may have revised your backyard to be considered a floodplain area which prohibits the ability to extend a room.

Many building permits are usually issued by local authorities and require the assistance of a land surveyor.

4. Determine right of ways and easements

There are a few rights that allow one limited use of another’s property. Defining the right-of-way will allow you to understand the ability to place a path that allows you to travel over a neighbor’s property.

Verifying drainage easements which prevent structures from blocking the free flow of water prevents the ability to install a fence or even plant a garden.

Easily determine these limitations by hiring an experienced surveyor.

It is important to perform a thorough due diligence for the home or parcel of land being purchased. This is very crucial to protect you from any issues that may occur in the future which may jeopardize your investment or may conflict with your intended use of the property.

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