Light Up Your Life With Outdoor Holiday Lights

holiday lighs

Now that sweater weather is finally upon us and holiday decorations are making appearances in stores, it’s time to start thinking about your own holiday yard decor. There are many ways you can make a statement that are both elegant and fun, embracing the spirit of the season. The most important thing is to do something that brings joy into your life. Here are a few considerations about holiday lights to get you started!

Brighten Your Exterior

Lights are the quintessential holiday decor. From elegant, simple white to bright, blazing colors, holiday lights come in all shapes and sizes—literally. LED lights are gaining in popularity, which just last year surpassed incandescent lights in sales. It makes sense, too—LED lights last longer and are energy efficient. LED lights are a bit more expensive than incandescents, but the difference pays for itself after a couple years.

Choose Your Style

After you decide what kind of lights you want, you’ll need to decide what style you want to go with, including the bulb shape/size and the way you will string the lights. If you want to go the traditional route and line the eaves of your roof with individual string lights, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instruction for how many strands you can link together. More common in recent years, icicle lights add a bit of variety to any exterior. If you decide to light up another part of your yard, such as your trees or bushes, you may want to consider using a different style of light, such as lighting nets that artfully drape over shrubbery to create a nice net effect. Wrap tree trunks or line pathways with rope lights to give them a sleek look.

Talking Bulbs

Not all bulbs are created equal. The most common indoor/outdoor variety you will see in stores are bulb shape M5, the small, tapered-end bulbs. These work best on smaller areas, such as on a front door wreath or wrapped around garland that graces the porch. Larger spheres are great choices for the front of the house. You can even choose smooth or faceted, to give them a shimmering effect. A classic for outdoors, C9 bulbs add bright pops of color no matter where you choose to put them.

This season, we hope you have fun lighting up your yard and celebrating the joy that comes with the holidays. We at Arthur Surveying can’t wait to see what our neighbors come up with!