Arthur Surveying Company provides North Texas surveying services to builders, engineers, residential property owners, and commercial builders. In Texas, property surveys, construction staking, and platting are necessary for a multitude of reasons, including when purchasing or selling land, before embarking on construction improvements, before land can be divided, and much more.

No matter what industry your company is part of, Arthur Surveying can provide our expert guidance in the surveying process.


One of the most common type of land surveys, residential surveys are used for a variety of purposes, including before building, property disputes, and more.

Builder Services

Arthur Surveying understands that our home-building clients have specific needs. We provide home builders with their own representative to ensure all phases of the project are completed when they need to be.


We understand that engineering surveys cover a lot of ground, so that’s why we provide guidance and expertise on all types, from planning to design to construction.


Commercial surveys help protect commercial land owners from potential legal disputes and provide assurance when building anything from shopping malls to fuel centers.