Commercial surveys are specifically created to suit the needs of commercial land owners. Most commercial buildings are valuable and it is important that detailed surveys are done to protect the owners against any potential legal disputes in the future. This is why Arthur Surveying Company always delivers accurate results that our clients can trust.

Any type of land survey that exists can be used in the context of commercial land purposes. The type that is done depends on the specific needs of the land owner or seller. Some survey sites are much more detailed than others, such as shopping malls, strip-centers, fuel stations, convenience stores, and lease buildings.

Some of the different types of surveys include ALTA and engineering surveys.

ALTA surveys are the most detailed commercial surveys available, and they are very common for commercial land purposes. They combine a range of elements, including boundary surveys, mortgage surveys and topographic surveys to create a very detailed commercial survey. All ALTA surveys conducted by Dallas surveying companies must adhere to minimum standards as set by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and American Congress on Surveying and Mapping.