Renovations that Give the Best Return on Investment

Home Renovations

After years of living in the same home, it’s easy to feel like your house needs a bit of updating. While new furniture and a fresh coat of paint can only do so much, home renovations can help revitalize your home and increase its market value. When done well, you can receive not only a good return on investment (ROI), but you’ll also be able to enjoy a new feature of your house.

Fiberglass Attic Insulation

According to findings by Remodeling magazine, this Attic Insulation was at the top of their 2017 list for highest return on investment. While the job costs only $1,343, you can expect a 107.7% ROI and really get the most bang for your buck.  

Steel Door

Replacing your current wood door for a steel door adds more durability and security to your home. With a ROI of 90.7%, you can easily get your money back on this project. Steel doors require less maintenance and are very energy efficient to keep the cold or heat out and the temperature inside stable. Steel doors only cost around $1,413 as well.

Manufactured Stone Veneer

This exterior renovation can add a completely different look to your house and create a more expensive, homey feel. For $7,851 you can expect an ROI of around 89.4%. They can last a very long time if kept clean, and it’s an easy way to completely change the look of your house.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

This includes replacing the cabinets with new fronts and hardware, replacing the stove/oven and refrigerator with new models, replacing the countertops, adding a new coat of paint and changing the flooring. For about $20,830, the ROI is still worth it at 80.2%. If you’re itching for a new kitchen, a minor remodeling can be just what you need for change while adding value to your house.

Garage Door Replacement

Replace your old, dirty garage door with an updated new look. A new garage door can make your house look more well kept and provide 76.9% ROI from a $1,749 project. New steel tracks and a steel door are an easy fix to update your house’s look from the outside.

The other renovation projects that provide about 70% return on investment include replacing siding, adding a wood deck, adding a second floor, and remodeling the basement.

When planning one of these renovation projects, make sure to stick to your budget and have some leeway to adjust if necessary. Arthur Surveying can help with remodeling your house and updating your backyard. Our surveying team can help with any residential land survey work you need for your Dallas or Houston area project. Reach out to Arthur Surveying today!

August 4, 2017