Our Dallas surveyors provide many different types of surveys for projects that span a wide spectrum. Whether you need a survey for your residential property, a new commercial building, or a city improvement, Arthur Surveying Company can help.

ALTA surveys are the most detailed and common commercial surveys available. They combine a range of elements, including boundary surveys, mortgage surveys and topographic surveys to create a very detailed commercial survey. All ALTA surveys must adhere to minimum standards as set by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and American Congress on Surveying and Mapping.

As-Built Surveys
As-built surveys are for recently completed commercial construction projects for records, completion evaluation and payment purposes. These surveys are completed in order to obtain horizontal and or vertical dimensional data so that a constructed facility may be delineated, i.e. foundation survey, or as-built of improvements. As-built surveys are used to physically locate structures and improvements on land and are generally for mortgage purposes.

Boundary Surveys
Boundary surveys are for tracts of land that are not platted. The surveys will illustrate the boundaries, monuments and all improvements on or near the tract. Easement lines may be included in a boundary survey as well.

A boundary survey establishes the true property corners and property lines of a parcel of land. The typical purpose of a boundary survey is to obtain building permits, resolve property disputes and for erecting fences on the property.

Final Survey With Drainage
A final survey with drainage illustrates the location of the completed house and improvements in relation to the property lines, building lines and easements. This survey includes drainage on the lot or tract that meets or exceeds city requirements or home warranty requirements.

Form Survey
A form survey is used to illustrate the location of the form boards in relation to the property lines, building lines, and easements. We suggest that you order this survey before you install the plumbing or dig your piers.

Pool Drainage Surveys
Pool drainage surveys illustrate the location of a new pool in relation to the property lines and the house.

Title Surveys
Title surveys are for a loan closing on a real estate transaction. The survey illustrates the lot or tract, monuments, house location and all improvements on or near the lot or tract.

Topographic Surveys
A topographic survey is a detailed and accurate graphic representation of natural and man-made features on the ground such as buildings, fences, valleys, hills, streams, ponds, lakes, roads, etc. These surveys can be performed by field methods and or by aerial photography methods.

Tree Surveys
Tree surveys are vacant lot surveys with the trees located on the lot or tract. The trees are usually numbered on the survey with a corresponding tag on the tree. Many cities now require a tree survey prior to the beginning of development activities.

Vacant Lot Surveys
Vacant lot surveys include a lot stake with a drawing illustrating the boundaries and monuments, building lines, and easements, which are shown as they are depicted on the subdivision plat.

February 6, 2017



Arthur Surveying Company provides staking and survey stakes for several different purposes.

Construction Stakes

Construction staking is to clearly mark on the ground the location of buildings, utilities, paving, drainage and any other designed improvements as designed by a civil engineer and or an architect. We ask that the customer supply us with a complete set of stamped and approved civil and architectural plans.

House or Envelope Stakes
House stake is to clearly mark the actual house corners on the lot or tract based on the plot plan or house plan that the customer provides. The corners will be marked with a 60D nail with the stake placed near the nail. A sketch of what is staked can be provided upon request.

Lot Stakes
Lot stake is performed to clearly mark the property corners of a specific lot or tract.

February 5, 2017



In addition to surveying and staking, Arthur Surveying Company offers survey plat and replat services as well as elevation certificates.

Elevation Certificates
Each community’s permit file needs an official record that shows that new buildings and substantial improvements in all identified flood hazard areas are properly elevated. Arthur Surveying provides you the information you need to show compliance.

Platting and Replatting
There are different requirements within each city and county. Arthur Surveying will assist in effectively communicating with the engineers, local, city and county officials and prepare the surveys to meet or exceed the standards set forth by local government review agencies.

Residential Plot Plan
A residential plot plan is a plan of the proposed location of the house on the plot. The plot plan shows the location for the house and other improvements, including but not limited to the driveway, garage, well, septic system, outbuildings, etc. that will be on the lot. Additionally, if you are planning to install a fence, pool or other home/backyard addition, you will need knowledge of your property limits.

February 4, 2017