What to Do After Buying a Home

Buying a home is one of the most momentous events in one’s life. It’s a milestone that most people dream of achieving at some point in their lives. As exciting as it is, it’s also full of many unexpected tasks that come along with it. There are lots of things to take care of before you move in and then items to buy after the big move-in day.

Things to Plan/Do Before Moving In

Time will zoom by in the days leading up to the move-in. You’ll be busy gathering all the paperwork and documents you need to complete your mortgage. This can be a very time-consuming process, so, if possible, try to gather as much of this as you can prior to making your offer.

Once the offer is approved and your mortgage is processing, you’ll have time to attend to all the details that follow. Arrange a moving company for the big day. Will you be lugging stuff yourself or have people do it for you? Either way, you’ll need boxes and a truck big enough to transport your things. And you’ll need to make a reservation for the truck, whether it comes with movers or not.

Before moving day, arrange to have the utilities set up at the new residence. In many cases, they will need at least a week or two’s notice. At the same time, arrange for the utilities at your old place to be turned off or switched over to the new place. If you’re renting, give notice to old landlord based on the rules of your lease. If you’re selling your old house, you’ll have already thought of that! As you pack up your belongings, sort through things as you go – why bring it along if you’re not going to use it anymore? Consider having a yard sale to get rid of anything you won’t need at your new house.

Things to Buy Once You’re Settled

Once the final papers are signed, the first thing you may want to do—after a huge sigh of relief—is to change the keys and locks on the doors. This could offer you peace of mind. Then look to the things that are lacking now that your circumstances have changed. Depending on your past residence, you may have new things to purchase, such as a lawnmower or tools, to take care of the outside of your new home if your last home didn’t have a yard.

What does your new space look like? You might need new furniture to fit the rooms, window coverings, and rugs or decorative items. Each home has its own unique vibe and style, and one of the most fun aspects of moving into a new space is making it all your own.

It’s common to need a few appliances when buying a home, such as a refrigerator, washer, and dryer. Pay attention to home improvement store sale catalogs and websites, because appliances tend to go on sale at certain times of the year.

Buying a home doesn’t have to be stressful if you plan it out. Remember, when you want to make bigger changes for your house, call Arthur Surveying Company for remodeling, building a pool, or updating your backyard. Our North Texas surveying team can help with any work you need to get your project off the ground.